Hulu Activation from

To activate hulu code you need to enter hulu activation code on Before activating login in to your hulu account with the credentials which you registered.If you do not have hulu account or subscription and face problem for hulu activation, do not worry our technical team will help you.

How to Enter Hulu Activation Code?

  • Step 1 : Select hulu application on your TV and select log in.
  • Step 2 : On Screen you get a option to Activate hulu from your computer. Click on Activate on a computer to get your unique Device Activation Code. You will get activation code on your TV Screen. Unique Device Activation code is combination of 6 alphabetic and numeric characters. Here is a sample code : GE56RF
  • Step 3 :Now you have valid activation code for your device, go to on your computer device. You may be asked to sign in. Login to hulu account.
    • Click on “Manage Your Devices” or “Activate your device”
      • To activate your hulu device. Enter Hulu Activation Code and click “Activate”.
      • Within 25- 30 Seconds, your device will be activated in hulu account and your susbcribtion will be activated.
      • To manage your hulu device. click on “Manage your devices”.
      • you can deactivate every device which is connected. click on remove icon which device you want to remove.
      • You will then be logged out of all gadgets that you have expelled from your Account page.
  • Step 4 : You will be prompted your device is activated.

hulu and hulu plus

What is Hulu and Hulu Plus?

In Hulu you will get normal susbcription and limited channels to visit however in Hulu plus is addtional version of hulu in which more TV shows and movies are added. Its a paid subscription in $30 per month. You will find latest series such as game of throne. You can watch full movies and seasons instead only 5 to 6 episodes. You can watch hulu on your computer devices as well.hulu+

How to Get Hulu+?

Hulu plus is paid subsription you need to upgrade your hulu account to get full access of content. There will be more applications which you can activate in hulu+, There will not be any additional device required.hulu-Activation-Code

Hulu Activation Support

Hulu Activation from is easy even using manuals you received with hulu device however if you face any issue, get help from hulu support center.

How to use Hulu after Activation?

To start watching Hulu’s streaming library or Hulu with Live TV, all you need is:

  • A high-speed internet connection
  • A supported device
  • A Hulu subscription

Hulu and Hulu comes in different packages which start from $10 to $50 per months as per the content access. User can choose any subscription plan and can upgrade or degrade as per requirement and activate hulu. New subscribers can choose whichever plan works best for them and start their free trial today.